About Asian Reflection

About the Site Itself

This site advances understanding of the spiritual message at the heart of Asian religions through thoughtful and at times unique analysis. In addition to its more intellectual offerings, it also features prize-winning images and mystical passages from the region's spiritual traditions.

Imagine you are standing alone on a mountain ridge looking down into a vast lake some distance below you. Mountains surround you in all directions. All is still, quiet. As you wander down a steep path to the edge of the lake, you see the sun's reflection dancing on its surface. Looking into the clear water, you see your own reflection. Picking up a pebble you throw it in, watching it fall into the depths, out of sight.

In a way, this is what Asian Reflection is about. Asia's spiritual light is reflected in our minds when we ascend the lofty summits of her teachings, and yet as we reach those heights, we see our own reflection in the stillness. Indeed, just as the lake reflects both our own image and the light of the sun, our mind is in its depths a reflection of the knowledge that our highest self and our highest conception of spiritual being are one.

About the Maintainer

Asian Reflection is maintained by Damon Lynch, who is from Aotearoa New Zealand. He has lived in various Asian countries, working for civil society organisations in the fields of sustainable development, agrarian reform and social dimensions to biodiversity conservation. Click here to contact him.


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